I collaborated with the Corporate Strategy and Innovation team to develop a visual identity for their annual Officer Conference. The Theme for this year was “Transitions to Transformation”. Below are two initial ideas that I explored and presented to the team.
The first option played off the current "Future of Work" identity that was created for an employee Sharepoint site. I aimed to expand the concept beyond remote work and show various work environments.
The second option shifted from illustrations to photography, giving it a more contemporary feel. I proposed taking photos of the office and employees working from home.
After reviewing and collecting feedback from the team, we decided to enhance the original The Future of Work logo and color scheme. To incorporate the square element, I divided it into irregular fragments, each featuring an illustration of a different working environment. These fragments can be overlapped and separated to create new patterns and configurations. As I concluded this project, I also included mockups of the updated Sharepoint site and print collateral.
Additional work from the Boston Fed
Project Hamilton/Central Bank Digital Currency - I worked in close partnership with the Payments Innovation team and Corporate Communications to develop the imagery for Phase 1 of the project. After finalizing the image of Hamilton with the circuit overlay, I also created alternative images for the landing page and additional articles. It was crucial to highlight the research and technical aspects of this phase of the project.

Research Reports - Part of my work at the bank included leveraging existing brand templates and guidelines to create the latest research reports and economic updates. I collaborated with the Research team to create accurate representations of the data and source images that best represented each report.
New England Public Policy Center Research Report (download PDF for the full report)

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