Here's a sample of social campaigns that I designed for LinkedIn and Facebook. I collaborated closely with our copywriters and marketing managers to ensure a quick turnaround on these projects. These campaigns provided an opportunity to work cross-functionally and assist other teams in increasing engagement and reaching our customers.
Revit Have You Tried
For this campaign our goal was to target and expand our reach to customers that weren’t engaging with our email adoption programs. Our audience were architects using Revit and we promoted new learning content for key Revit features like Generative Design and Route Analysis.
These paid social posts drove 49% of page visits to the two tutorials on the Autodesk Knowledge Site (our learning hub). Although subscriptions weren’t the primary goal, the campaign generated 31 new subscriptions which speaks to its overall impact and engagement.
Customer Success: Cross-Industry Campaign
My team worked with the Customer Success team on this campaign, providing design, copywriting, and social strategy support. Our goal was to promote a capability survey and to drive survey completions. In my capacity, I designed two video options for LinkedIn varying the video copy and swapping the image order. I used a template provided by the brand team to pull all the elements together in After Effects.
Overall the campaign had an average Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of .7% which was double our original goal and video option #2 (shown here) drove the most clicks.

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