Here's a collection of my work that's currently live on the Boston Fed site. For additional examples please contact me
Project Hamilton/Central Bank Digital Currency - I worked closely with the Payments Innovation team and Corporate Communications on the imagery for Phase 1 of the project. Once we finalized the image of Hamilton with the "tech" overlay, I created alternative images to be used for the landing page and additional content. It was important to emphasize the research and technical aspect of this phase of the project. 
Main Image | Alternative Images | Social Media​​​​​​​

Social Media - The links below are just a few examples of content I designed for small campaigns posted to the Boston Fed's social media channels. 

Research Reports - Part of my work at the bank included leveraging existing brand templates and guidelines to create the latest research reports and economic updates. I worked with the Research team to create accurate representations of the data and source images that best represented each report. 

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